Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Maiden voyage

Knitting Ice maiden was finished just a day or two after the end of February, and was worn to work last Friday. It's a lovely, snuggly jumper to wear, but doesn't half shed white fibres! It's turned out pleasingly long and the sleeves are a great length. I'm glad I added the body shaping, though the Polar knits into such a drapey fabric that I'm not sure it was absolutely necessary. In fact, if anything the fabric might be slightly looser than the optimum. I have more Polar in dark grey and dark green; I'd be interested to see what effect dropping from 8mm to 7mm needles would have on the fabric. It would have the definite bonus that my 8mm circs are (A) plastic, which 'sucks' at the yarn, and (B) have a really, really lousy cable join. My 7mm needles (same brand!) are far nicer.


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