Monday, February 06, 2006

New quality inspector

Knitting It's almost impossible to put anything soft and warm on the floor (the laminate in particular, but carpet, too) without Kita wandering over to have a look, sniff and, if possible, sit, lie or stand on it. This applies to Yoga mats, mattresses, fabric being cut out, mohair lace shawls being blocked (eeeek!) and knitting being photographed. Here she can be seen inspecting the two finished sleeves of my Ice Maiden sweater: I love the hourglass shaping of these sleeves. I've added about 10 extra rows to the cuff of each sleeve because I like the 'roll' cuff. I won't be blocking that out! The original pattern has a body with no waist shaping in at all, which seems a shame with such shapely sleeves: This example is actually knitted in Rowanspun Chunky, which doesn't seem to drape as softly as Polar, but the model is sitting down in the Polar photo! I think the body would look 'blocky' in any yarn, though. So I'm going to borrow the shaping from another Polar sweater in the same magazine, 'Ski': I'm not going to keep the crochet edging, either, and will probably allow a roll hem on the lower edge, too. Is this still an Ice Maiden? Or has it been around the block enough times to be an Ice Hussy?


Blogger Mary deB said...

Nice. Are you going to do the collar like the first photo? And it'll be all done by Friday, of course...

2/07/2006 01:38:00 PM  

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