Saturday, February 25, 2006


Spinning I can now happily report that my spinning wheel is working better than it has for years!! Although I am no longer as proficient a spinner as I was aged 15... I was spinning the most amazing fine, even singles back then... I took the thing apart, dusted, polished and oiled it, washed the drive band and re-assembled it this week. It's a double drive wheel, and I was having difficulty getting the uptake rate as swift as I'd like. I think the maintenance has helped enormously! Today, I've spun some singles and plied some of 2 bobbins worth to make about 100 metres of 2 ply yarn: which is currently having a bath to set the twist and will be dried under tension later. I'm very pleased with myself. Fingers included for scale: I've had some interesting problems with overspinning the yarn (see previous comments about yarn uptake by the wheel!) and it's not very consistent. I've also done very little plying in the past. See all the squigglies in the hank straight off the bobbin: I have so much more of this roving it's just scary: I'll have to weigh this skein when it's dry and see how it compares to the rest of the fluff. One of the reasons I've decided to ply what I had on those two bobbins is that my spinning is very different now to what it was then; in addition, the roving has compacted rather and is much harder to draft and spin now than it used to be. I might ply up the rest of this (which should give me enough to make a lacey neckerchief at the least) and then try spinning the rest of it at a different thickness.


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