Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yarn swap!

I finally made it along to a meeting of the Cambridge knitters 'k tog' group yesterday. I've been meaning to go for ages, and was finally given the final impetus by yesterday's scheduled stash swap! I took along two large bags of yarn, and some fabric, and brought back only one large bag of yarn. Star amongst my lost items was a truly hideous individual peplum jacket with enormous shoulder pads in a dazzling lame fabric with opalescent purple/pink/silver lizard skin dots on it. I'd originally intended to use the fabric to make the bodice of a tutu (sugarplum fairy), but since that was well over 10 years ago and I still haven't done it, I thought I'd better get rid of it. I was rather dubious about taking it at all, as I couldn't imagine who'd want it, or why they'd think I got it. Au contraire. It was very nearly the first item gleefully snatched up, by my personal star of the meet: Mary's son Arthur. I have never met such a fantastic young lad; he was knitting a scarf when I arrived, and informed me that his personal scarf-knitting record was 2 days! I was able to donate a ball of Rowan's Big Wool Tuft to the current scarf, and the aforementioned jacket. We tried to get a photo of him wearing it (which he did, continuously, from then on), but he was leaping around with delight, and you can see the clearest photo here. I met some fantastic people, including a friend I haven't seen for ages (I didn't even know she knits!) and a new arrival to Cambridge, the Pig Wot Flies. Nice to see another animal moniker. ;) And I was very, very restrained. Here is my haul: One ball of yarn and two books. I'm very impressed. Neither of the books have enough great patterns in them for me to buy them, but I'm very happy to receive them in a swap! Here are my favourites from the Filatura di Crossa book: And here is, easily, my least favourite: What were they thinking??


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