Monday, January 09, 2006


I've decided to consolidate my three 'personal' blogs into one; this one. Sewing, knitting and everyday stuff will now all be recorded here. I've done this for several reasons; firstly, I don't update regularly enough to justify having three separate blogs! Secondly, I actually have a fourth blog ( that is a joint venture with J - documenting our adventures with the new house, including the garden and the dog. :)

Possibly most of all, though, I enjoy reading blogs that are updated regularly and which include the writer's daily life as well as their hobby (or hobbies). I think the best aspiration I can make here (above and beyond keeping a purely technical journal for reference) is to write the sort of blog that I'd want to read. To that end, I'm going to try and post to this blog every day on whatever subject takes my fancy. Until Blogger offers tags or topics, I'll try and head the post with a quick keyword (so if you're not interested in knitting, feel free to skip it...) This will only be a feature from now on; moving the posts over was arduous enough without inserting that sort of info, too.

All the posts from otterlysewing and otterlyfibres are over here now, though sadly stripped of all their lovely comments. I'll be posting notices in the other blogs to say they have been deprecated; in the fulness of time (i.e. when I'm sure I've transferred everything over correctly), I'll delete them. Do let me know if you find any problems!


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