Thursday, November 24, 2005

Three cheers for the Internet!

Thanks to Frappr, I met another Cambridge knitblogger this week, Mary from Knitting on the Cam! She very bravely met a group of entire strangers (partly Stitch and Bitch, partly office-mates) in a pub at lunchtime on Wednesday, and it was great! I have been knitting - loads - but don't currently have much in the way of visual proof. For ages, my camera charger was packed ready to move (no, we still haven't moved), so my camera went flat and I took no photos. Now, I've rescued my charger, but my laptop refuses to acknowledge the camera's memory stick until I take it out of the laptop again. At which point it tries to explore the files on it, and gets very confused that it isn't there any more. I'll try again this evening. I have, in fact, completed my Mum's Christmas present (sweater dress in Noro Silk Garden), the finished the front of Mask and started on one sleeve (Stu's Christmas present), knit almost two more Dadsocks (but in different yarns. Hmmm.) and started Ice Queen from Rowan 30 for myself (in the discountinues Polar, shade Arctic). I've also bought *more* Polar, for Andy's Christmas jumper - and another one for me, too. Also complete is a piece of gift knitting - and it has now been received by the giftee, so I can post pics of that. It's been finished for about two months now. I am Bad Gifter, now that the post office five minutes from work has closed. I finish things on time, but it takes forever for me to get them in the post.


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