Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Thumb socks

I have two pairs of sandals that I bought this year that started out *incredibly* comfortable, and which have slowly, over time, started chewing holes in my feet, and, last week, left blisters. (Odd- it's usually the other way round...) Anyway, the sandals are cute, and I have no intention of throwing them out yet. This seems like an excuse to display hand-knit socks (which I haven't actually made any of for me, yet), to me. Only catch is, these sandals are *toe-post* sandals. Tricky to wear with socks.

So clearly, I need socks with a separate thumb compartment. I've just completed one Natalya gauntlet, where I learned how to make a thumb on a glove. I was thinking of adapting the technique to socks. (Thanks go, by the way, to Dogs Steal Yarn for informing me that you can get 2 gauntlets out of 1 ball of Calmer. Thankyou. I am happy.)

Next, I have to thank Purly Whites for posting a very topical entry about making fingers for gloves. An i-cord method? That might work. Or a Turkish cast-on and knit in the round... Hmmmm...

I see experiments in my future.


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