Thursday, September 29, 2005

Caution: Knitter at Work

Sweet Georgia says you have a problem when you start making makeshift drop spindles so you can spin at work. She didn't specify what *kind* of problem, and some very innovative ones have been suggested in the comments.

Since my last 10 days worth of knitting have been heavily biased towards a Seekrit Project that I can't show anyone (yet), I got thinking about my work situation. Now, lots can be said about same, but given that this is The Knitting Bit, I thought I'd present a catalogue of the yarn that is temporarily stashed in and around my desk. Given that almost all of this yarn was bought with specific projects in mind, I'm noting those, too, lest I forget.

Brace yourselves:

  • 10 balls Rowan 'Polar', in white - The wonderful Polar is now discontinued, and this is intended to become a baggy, snuggly jumper, probably Ice Maiden from Rowan 30. I bought it thinking I could dye it (evenly or unevenly - undecided), but I might also like a big, white jumper. Until I spill coffee on it, anyway. Maybe I'll make it white, and dye the whole garment when it inevitably gets stained.
  • 8 balls of Debbie Bliss Maya in wonderful, dark green colourway. - I'm sure I had a project in mind when I bought this - at the very least, I checked that this is enough to make something wearable and useful. I can't remember what, though. Maybe a chunky cabled thing, but there might not be enough for that. I'm sure it felts beautifully, but I think that might be sacrelige
  • 12 balls Rowan Biggy Print, kind of a chocolate colour - Hmm. This was definitely intended to be Roxie, from Big Just Got Bigger. Unfortunately, that calls for *Chunky* Print. Pants. So now I'm thinking Jude, from Bigger Picture. Very wearable with jeans in the winter
  • 2 balls Rowan Chunky Print, in a sludgy grey-brown - heaven only knows. Special offer.
  • 1 ball of Rowan Big Wool, in Arctic - ditto
  • 9 balls Rowan Plaid in very dark grey - not enough to make Gust, from the Plaid collection - and I've gone off Thunder (it looks like a poncho with sleeves). I'm thinking maybe Atmosphere, but sized down slightly. It's crying out for cables, anyway. I have a design of my own that may fit the bill...
  • 4 balls Rowan Cotton Tape, in raspberry - part of the Strawberry Stripe set
  • 10 balls of Rowan Biggy Print in Troll - a mix of apple, acid and sludge greens. I love it, and it's a discontinued colour (I think). Destined for Gina, from the aforementioned Bigger Picture
  • 12 hanks Noro Iro, very dark colours including navy, browns and purples - I swear i had a specific project in mind for this, but I can't find it now. Alternatives include Sherbie from Naturally Noro, Larstorp, from the second Cornelia Tuttle-Hamilton book, or again, maybe my own design with the cables that I hinted about above.
  • 2 hanks of Lorna's Laces in Somerset - an actual project, supposed to be my first socks (but of course incorporating lace - why make anything simple?), but I've since completed a totally different sock (see below). I'm trying to cultivate a sock-knitting habit at work, where I often get short bursts of downtime (2 or 3 minutes at once) - but the lace pattern requires too much thought for such short spells
  • 2 hanks Regia 4-ply, in Helsinki - one of these is already a sock, and the other is in progress (at the heel flap stage). These are part of my Dad's Christmas present, and have been much more successful work knitting.
  • Three more hanks of sock yarn - also destined to go to my Dad at Christmas, hopefully by then in sock form.
  • Wendy Peter Pan yarn, three balls, variegated blue - also a nylon/acrylic blend, but machine washable and not all that bad really. It's the secret project, and is almost all knitted. Honest.

So, what do you look like as a knitter at work?


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