Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What a little cutie!

This wee fella was sitting calmly just past the fence by the path as Jack and I walked back to the office after lunch yesterday. It's easily the closest I have ever been to a wild squirrel for any length of time; he was quite unconcerned by us and sat, eating conkers and swimming through the long grass to find more, for about five minutes.

He's *tiny*, and I'd say very young - this year's baby, I'd guess. The grass was too long for me to get many good shots (and none at all of his tail, which was fluffy and luxuriant, seemed about twice as long as he was, and showed only when he jumped), but at this point I though he was going to hop closer to say hi!

He almost looks as if he was about to run, but he was just interested, I think:


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