Sunday, September 04, 2005

First sock complete!

Regia 6-ply 'Helsinki', 56 stitch cast on, 2x2 rib cuff. Eye of partridge heel flap, and a 1x1 rib section on top of the instep for extra fit. I used the 'generic sock' recipe from here as my guidance, but modified the toe shaping. My Dad's feet (for whom this pair of socks is destined) are shaped similarly to mine:

We have a pronounced toe-slope, with the big toe being easily the longest and the little toe easily the shortest, with a pretty smooth slope between. This being the case, I didn't want to have a symmetrically shaped toe with a point in the middle. Therefore, instead of decreasing at both sides on every other row, I decreased only once per row, every row, but did 2 decreases at the 'little toe' side for every one decrease at the 'big toe' side. I'm pleased with the result:

The observant will notice that this means I now have a definite 'right foot' sock, and therefore need to remember that the next must be a 'left foot' sock. I bet I forget.

The sock fits me well in shape, but is a smidgen on the big side. Which is appropriate, as Dad's feet are slightly larger than mine:

I'm inordinately proud.


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