Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Progress report...

The house is progressing really well; our buyer is anxious for things to get moving, and our sellers have had an offer accepted on a new-build house (so yet again, chain free). Apparently, new-build house sellers (ie the builders) tend to want to exchange contracts within 28 days(!), so that's good news, too. We got a glossy brochure for the house we're buying from the estate agents yesterday, with pictures and everything, so I'll scan it and post it soon. I need to fill in all kinds of forms about the flat and send them back; will do that in 5 or 15 minute bursts this afternoon, at home. So excited. Healthwise, I'm still very much on the mend. I'm working 3 hour days at the moment, which seems to be about all I can cope with. I cycled to/from work on Monday, and was really wiped out yesterday. I'm having some blood tests done, and going to the doctor to discuss them on Friday; I should be doing better than this by now.


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