Saturday, July 23, 2005

Elspeth is motoring along...

...partly because I'm still off work ill. Mind you, if I was in better health, I might not have had to knit most of it twice. It's a '2 skein' pattern, meaning that it requires a bit of thought and attention. It does. The lacey pattern has to be maintained whilst still paying attention to the shaping, which is different on each side of each front pieces. I think I had to start the darn thing four times. It's also hard to rip back - well, it's easy to rip, but hard to get back on the needles. The combination of yarnovers and k2togs (or p2togs, either occasionally tbl) and the squishy, springy yarn is particularly tricky to get needles through without missing bits or having stitches unravel horribly. Still, here's the back:

And a closeup of the pattern:

One of the fronts is newly off the needles, too.

Oh, and see those innocent little yarnballs sneaking their way into the frame? Have a closer look:

The lime yellow is destined to be the cardi from Rebecca 27 (it's not fuzzy, but knits to gauge and I think will be very wearable. Love the colour, too. And it was half price!) The magenta might be a hat. If there's enough of it. Oh, I need to knit faster...


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