Thursday, July 14, 2005


Well, I'm at about the same point as I was when I posted that picture this morning... I got halfway through the hip increase chart, and realised that I had too many stitches in one lace section. I realised that in one motif I'd repeated row 3 instead of doing row 5, but I couldn't tink back to fix it. So I ripped.

It wasn't a big mistake, but I'm really enjoying knitting the lace bits, so I don't mind doing it over. Plus, I'd always know if I didn't get it right, right? ;)

Now, I'm back to row 3 of the chart. And I seem to have the wrong number of stitches again. So I'm putting it on one side for the night; I'm not sure that attempting lace after 2 pints is anything like sensible.


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