Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Well, I just don't seem to be doing too well; Elspeth is now finished for the second time, and I think is just too big. I debated whether to make the small or the medium (I'm a 35" chest, which falls neatly between the two sizes), and since I'd just finished the too-snug corset, I went with the larger size. And now I think it's too big. This is the first raglan-seamed garment I've made, and the tops of the sleeves seem very long to me. It only looks halfway decent on Skinny Annie (my tailor's dummy) if the neckline is set very wide. In fact, the neckline seems HUGE overall; the ties seem to fall very low:

This contrasts rather with the picture on the pattern, which I am now suspecting of being posed (I have to wonder if magic involving pins or at least surreptitious folding is going on back there):

I had to re-do the edging, as it caused bagginess the first time round; it's still not great, but a quick pressing sorted it somewhat. I'm planning to wear it tonight, and I'll see if it seems to be workable, or destined for the frogpond. I do love the design; if it is just too big, I'll remake it a size smaller.

I think, in the future, I might mock up unusually-shaped garments in fabric before deciding on the size and launching in on the knitting.

I'll leave you with a picture of the fabricious mess next to the sofa, including the new Rowan. My word, there's some lovely stuff in there:

I better go tidy it up, I guess.


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