Thursday, July 28, 2005

One back, two fronts, two sleeves

Elspeth is all done with the knitting! I completed the sleeves in just over a day; it was lovely to be back to plain ol' stocking stitch after all that pattern. The pieces are rolling like mad, though.

This has been an annoying knit in some ways; I think I've knitted every last bit of it twice, almost. If I got the lace right, I messed up the shaping. If I got the shaping right, I dropped a stitch right through a lace motif and couldn't work out how to put it all back together. I got a lot better at that, though, and have definitely learned a lot. It would probably have been easier if I wasn't of work sick and dozy.

Tonight: the blocking, and casting on for the Rebecca cardi I think. Then the seaming (of which I am no longer afraid) and the crochet (which never held any fears for me in the first place.


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