Thursday, August 11, 2005

Wow, neglected blog.

Sorry about that, folks; life has been a strange mixture of nothing-much and very-hectic. I'm still not over the evil illness; I've been back at work this week, but left early Monday and Tuesday, and didn't make it in at all on Wednesday. I've booked tomorrow off as holiday, and will be painting the hallway at home (more on that later) - I feel very, very tired, mentally, and rather feeble physically.

Housepainting. It's suddenly become very urgent. We've been planning to move for a while now, but were intending to finish decorating and put the house on the market in January. However, we made the mistake of looking at currently available properties, and fell in love with one in Willingham. Oh, my. Four bedrooms, a good sized garden, and a garage. It would be such a change from my two-bedroom, gardenless, garageless flat. I love my flat, but it's just too small for two people, especially when one works from home and the other has hobbies that result in a lot of stuff.

So, we spotted the house on Tuesday, on the Interweb. We viewed it Tuesday evening, made mortgage enquiries as soon as we got home, had my flat valued yesterday morning, and had a viewing arranged before the details were even taken. The viewing was yesterday evening, and was a strange, nervewracking experience. I don't think the people liked it; I think the lack of garden was a major factor. Still, it's not like we expected to sell the flat in under a day.

This month's theme: Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Live for the best (but make plans for the worst). Live every day like it might be your last. Very little in life is going to be handed to you on a plate; if you want something, start working towards it.

Fingers crossed.


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