Thursday, August 11, 2005

A whole project has slipped by

Hmm. Since I last posted, I have knitted all the major pieces of the Rebecca cardi. Wow. Not sure how that happened. It needs blocking, seaming, edging and the ties knitting. I'm not sure I'll have enough yarn to complete the ties; may have to resort to ribbon or something. We'll see. Or maybe a contrasting edge?

The Rowan 37 cardi is probably a bit big, but is wearable. Not gonna rip it. Might see if I can persuade it a little smaller when I next wash it. Still feels loooovely on the skin.

The corset, on the other hand, is probably not too small. I need to put buttons on it before I decide for good, but the cotton seems to have relaxed somewhat since washing. I think, really, that I am between sizes for this garment; I'll probably make another one, in a size larger, to see how it goes.

In other news, I've officially decided that no more summer projects will be cast on this season. I probably won't have time to finish/wear them this year, so it's autumn/winter stuff from now on. Time to make a proper 'to do' list, methinks.


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