Sunday, August 28, 2005

Let the Christmas knitting begin!

This is 11 skeins of Rowan Cork, which started out as 8 skeins of a yellowish beige, and 3 skeins of a greyish beige. I dyed it yesterday with 1 tin of Dylon multipurpose dye, in shade 'Havana' (mid-dark brown) and ended up with 11 variable and rather variegated skeins of something that is remarkably alpaca-coloured. (NB this is at least twice as much fibre as should have been used for that much dye; I wanted it to be slightly lighter than the tub colour). This is going to be the first of my Christmas projects, but I'm not saying much more about it than that here (the intended recipient is unlikely to read this blog, but hey, chances are chances...). It's goin to be combined with some more Cork that I dyed from a mid-lego blue to a warm navy blue. My first intarsia project.

I'm aiming for one Christmas project a month; should see me about right!


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