Monday, September 12, 2005

4 out of 63

Started the intarsia pattern on the front of one of my Christmas projects today; I'm doing the Martin Storey 'Mask' jumper from Rowan 31, but in the discontinued Cork (custom dyed) rather than the intended Handknit DK cotton. The gauge is obviously massively different, which will result in oversize motifs, similar in scale to what you'd see on the child's version of the original sweater. (What do you mean, 'making life difficult'??!?).

Anyway, I've done 4 out of the 63 rows on the front mask motif this evening. It's taken me about 2 hours, and though it's only two colours, it's intarsia. Wanna see the back??

Yikes. Wanna see what that mess has acheived on the front?



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