Monday, October 31, 2005


See what was waiting for me today when I came home: And inside: With the cutest 'thankyou' card: It's a skein of sockyarn from The Sweetshop, enough for a pair of socks for MEEEE!! The colourway is SweetGeorgia's 'willow' - a luscious mixture of wonderful greens, with occasional browns scattered throughout. The colours are wonderfully subtle and complex, and though I haven't unwould it or balled it up yet, I get the feeling that the colour changes will be subtle enough to take some texture or lace. Yummmmmmmm!! I'm thinking about these socks by Amelia. They seem to fit the green and leafy bill quite well. And I'm knitting again. Not so much, or so fast, but I am knitting. Yayyy me!


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