Monday, December 12, 2005


Two more socks have been completed in the Dad-sock saga. They don't match either. That's because they're made of different yarns.

The first one is in Opal, in a red, white and black colourway. It's supposed to be Middlesbrough colours, but reminds me rather of the time Mum washed my brother's red dungarees with Dad's white underwear: pink, but in a faded red way, not a Barbie way. Heh heh heh... He's still getting them, of course:

This sock was knitted on x stitches around, short row heel and toe, top down. It has no partner yet... The second sock is Regia Ringel, red and white - again Middlesbrough themed. (My Dad is a big football fan.) I thought this one deserved more texture than plain stockinette would provide, so I used the stranding pattern from Knitty's Crusoe pattern. It gives a very pleasant texture, a dense, warm feel to the fabric, and provides just a little bit of visual interest to break up the broad stripes:

Short row toe and heel again, but knit from the toe up. As I have two balls of this yarn, that mean I could keep knitting until the yarn ran out. It's nice and long:


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