Friday, January 13, 2006

Project planning (12 month version)

Knitting Knitting is slow. I can buy yarn far faster than I can knit it. I can also end up finishing projects at (or after) the season in which I want to wear them. In an attempt to prevent this, and also to prevent me from forgetting about exciting projects, I'm going to attempt to plan ahead for the year, at the rate of one project per month. I averaged more than this last year, after I actually restarted knitting, so it should allow for sudden flights of fancy, new must-have items and other hobbies to be pursued as well. We're halfway through January already, and I'm very excited about some of the projects in the new Rowan mag (39), which is not due to be released until next month, and I've also bought yarn for (ahem) at least four projects in about as many weeks. Ideally, I'll be moving into each season with new clothes to wear. However, I don't want to find myself knitting swathes of heavy wool in hot weather, or spending so much time thinking about the upcoming weather that I don't enjoy what we have now. So: January: Already half over; may as well pick a half-finished project, then! That'll be my Triple Mohair Triangle, which needs cracking on with, and which should provide some protection against the chill weather still to come. February: Still likely to be v. cold, in my experience. It's probably worth finishing my Ice Maiden jumper (started as a prelude to Andy's Christmas present, and abandoned in favour of it. Andy's present was abandoned as impractical; I didn't have time to knit it, and he doesn't have time to cool handwash Rowan Polar.) One sleeve is already done, and this is a quick knit, which is just as well as the new Rowan is due out at the beginning of February! March: My birthday month! By this time I'll be straining to start somethign from the Rowan mag. I think it will be 'Minnie'. I think this is hands-down my favourite design that I've seen so far (in a sneaky, sneaky sneak preview). It's written for handknit DK, but I'm thinking it might knit up in some particularly indulgent silk I've ordered. Isn't it a gorgeous design? April: Probably about time I knit something for J. I've got some Rowan ASC in a very, very dark blue, and was planning to knit a rib cardi. I had in mind 4x1 rib, used on the 'wrong' side. Very similar to this month's free Rowan members' pattern. May: Starting to head towards summer now! I don't think I'll be able to resist the lure of the Ginko leaf top from Fiddlesticks that I have on order. It's in organic cotton, and will provide plenty of feminine summeriness without being too skimpy for wear in cooler weather and air conditioning. June: Another Rowan 39! This one is 'Frances', and reminds me of the designs from Anthropologie. July: Summer tank time! Maybe. I'm not sure what I want to knit in July. Maybe I'll finish my filet crochet curtain. Or a reprise of the silk lace corset that didn't fit from last year. But I'll make it fit, this time. August: A design that's mostly in my head at the moment. I'm thinking of a feminine cricket jumper; form fitting, white, cabled, v-neck, coloured bands at neck and waist. September: Jude, from Bigger Picture, in chocolate brown. Great autumn/winter wear with jeans. October: Cabled jumper. Design/yarn TBA - I have plenty of choices. Yarn will definitely be from stash, though. November: Another cabled jumper. What the hey. As I said, plenty of choices... December: Gina, again from Bigger Picture, but adapted to a tunic version. Wow. That was easy. That's scary. I have too many projects to do! Socks will be squeezed in round the edges, along with other small projects, sewing and other hobbies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never thought of making my new year's resolutions a month-to-month list, but that really puts a more solid hold on the stash. What a great idea.

- MJ

1/13/2006 11:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the silk you ordered for Minnie. So many gorgeous colours it's hard to know which is a favourite. Probably Marrakesh, but then there's Loden, Pewter, Autumn.....

ET (fellow Rowanette)

1/15/2006 11:57:00 AM  

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