Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Knitty!

...and in my opinion, it's got more to be excited about than the last couple of issues. Not that they were *bad*, but to me, just not *thrilling* Ironically, some of the socks look fascinating - ironically given that the last issue specialised in 'extremities'. The two that catch me particularly hard are SoxOn2Stix (innovative knit-flat technique, adapted from machine knitting) There's a lovely, graphic felted bag - somehow refreshingly different from the ubiquitous felted bags that seem to be a mandatory feature of every issue of every knitting magazine these days - and a wrap that looks intriguingly different... The texture reminds me of those deeply grooved tree barks you sometimes see; I'd love to see this worked up in deep browns with a touch of grey worked in. If this one hits the blogosphere as hard as, say, Clapotis (I don't really have to link that, do I? Oh, OK then...) I think we'll see a similarly amazing variation in the final object as interpreted by each and every knitter out there. I love Lizard Ridge, and might have to adapt the idea to use up all those 'leftover' bits of yarn I can never quite bring myself to throw out. Ivy and Viveka are both really interesting looking sweaters, but I will probably wait to see how they turn out for other knitters before committing myself; I think it's the photography in each case, but I get the feeling that something is just slightly 'off'. No offence to the photographers, of course; it's just not giving me quite all the information I want. Avast is a lovely, basic, bloke's sweater with a hint of detail. I know J is never going to wear an all-over cable unless I force him to don it at gunpoint, and even a single, central cable is probably just 'too seventies' for him - but this might eeease him in gently to the concept... In fact, I might have to make one of these for myself; no law against it, is there? The sleeves on Serrano deserve special mention - lovely split cuffs! And, looking at the rest of the cardigan - oooh, no zipper! I know some people will *leap* at that opportunity... I think this could be a lovely layering piece, just as the designer suggests, but for me, it's launched too late for this year. I want to be wearing it *now*, not thinking about knitting it. Maybe next year... Oh - and a knitted skirt! So very few of them work, but this one is tempting. As for the rest of it - well, I might have a 'why I didn't have it on my faves list' post later (though I will mention now that I still don't think there's any excuse for knit, non-felted bags, unless they're mesh or something) - but for now, no more bitchin'. More knittin'!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks v. much for the fleece and fabric you dropped off at work last week. Sorry I haven't emailed before.

9/21/2006 11:40:00 AM  
Blogger Poshyarns said...

That knitted skirt is amazing, very hot. I love Lizard Ridge too, I had forgotten to check Knitty, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

10/04/2006 07:06:00 PM  
Blogger KellyD said...

Id like to buy the Noro you have on the destash site but you have left the ad in draft mode. please contact me with the color and shipping. thanks!

10/17/2006 08:39:00 AM  

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