Tuesday, September 12, 2006

An Ashford in the family

Ready... Set... Go!!
I meant to blog more fully about the construction of this wheel, but nothing very interesting happened, and anyway, I was so absorbed I lost track of my camera! I've actually owned this wheel for a couple of months now; it came as a kit in unfinished wood. Now, normally me and delayed gratification are just fine together, but not in this case. Each piece of this beauty (and a few more - see later) had to be sanded and waxed1. I'm not a woodworker; it interests me, but I'm not 'into' it. Anyway, it's now finally together, and it is so easy to treadle and so quiet compared to my other wheel that I spent about two hours spinning Lorna's Laces top on it last night without noticing any fatigue at all. The wheel, I love; the top, I'm not so sure about. It's probably because it's been stashed for ages, but it feels pretty compacted and refuses to draft. I'm trying to pre-draft, but even that isn't helping all that much; it sticks and jumps and won't draft smoothly. If I want to spin this evenly, I need to find a way to help open it out again. I'd think about carding or combing, but the roving's already space-dyed, and I'm not sure I want to mix it all up. ________________________________________________________________ 1 OK, I could have just assembled it without finishing - the wood is nice and smooth anyway - but I just *know* that within months it would be looking grubby and sorry for itself, especially around the treadles and those places where one's hands repeatedly touch... So I wanted to seal the wood, so that all muck and rubbish would not soak into the grain and would be easily removed.


Blogger Mary deB said...

Oh, my! That yarn is great colours. Enjoy the spinning!

9/12/2006 07:15:00 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Lovely! I have an Ashford Traveller too and its a great wheel. I finished mine with a clear satin varnish and its mellowed to a lovely honey colour.

9/13/2006 08:03:00 PM  
Blogger KellyD said...

I love my Ashford traveller!! I know you will too. I got mine finished. I work two jobs and have no time to do a good job

10/17/2006 04:01:00 AM  

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