Thursday, May 12, 2005

In which we prove that I'm not just making it all up as I go along...

First up, the back of Amber, and what was done of the front as on Sunday morning:

And then, the front of Amber as of last night! See how nearly finished??

Wow, what a lovely bias bind-off...

So obviously, I'm now thinking of what I have to knit next. Well, I know what I'm going to knit next, but it's for J, so it doesn't count. ;) I now have to plan what I'm going to knit next for me. After J's sweater, obviously. Ahem. Well, I think it'll be Noro. I've never seen Noro Kureyon in the flesh before, let alone knitted with it, so clearly I had to buy four skeins of it from Knit Happens. Umm, make that fourteen, eh? The first colourway I had to have, as I was purchasing it as an inaugural tester of the Knit Happens online store, and it seemed, in the catalogue photograph, to be totally and utterly Knit Happens colours. And I liked 'em. So I got four skeins of this, which may or may not be enough to do anything sensible with; any ideas, do let me know:

And then, we have ten these puppies, to make the lovely York from Noro Knits. The pink isn't quite so 'popping' in person; clearly I have some camera wrangling yet to master.

So, unless someone comes up with the Perfect Plan (TM) for the four skeins of Noro, it'll be York, I think. I can't wait to get all those colours under my fingers! Yum!


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