Saturday, May 07, 2005

Knitting: it comes out faster than it goes in

Cast off the back of Amber last night, and cast on for the front. Well, almost. I got to the end of the decreases for the waist and found I'd cast on 8 too few stitches. I'm not sure if I accidentally cast on for the smallest size (despite careful use of highlighter pen on my photocopied pattern) or if I cast on the number of stitches that I was supposed to be decreasing *to*. Anyway, it got ripped out and started over. I'm almost back to where I was; a couple of hours work (am I slow? I don't know!) Anyway, pictures tomorrow. Also in knitting news, J has asked me to knit him a sweater! Shock and delight! More on that tomorrow, also with pictures. Ooooh, and my Knit Happens order arrived!! Lots of Noro Kureyon and the Noro Knits book. Yummy. Pictures? Wait for tomorrow. ;)


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