Saturday, April 09, 2005

Officially in love

I have a new sewing machine. Oh, wow. Oh, wow. It is soooo gorgeous. It's well before 9 on a Saturday morning, and I'm reading the instruction manual. Yes, instructions are for girls. I'm a girl. (I'm not ashamed! Not any more! I'm out! I'm proud! I'm a girl!!) Besides, this little puppy cost me lots of money, and I'm not about to break it because I threaded it wrong. It takes up to five separate threads at once; would you mess with that?

But wow. It does everything. Overlocks, flatlocks, superstretch, roll hems, cover stitch - everything. It's so cool! It has pre-set tensions, and safety cutouts in case you've set it up wrong, and all kinds of funky sproingy mechanisms, and a foot for inserting elastic, and a 'compensating foot' for cover stitching so the fabric doesn't wander sideways, and you can swing the foot out sideways for easy threading, and you can adjust each of the three needles independently and it's just SO COOOOL!!

I haven't even tried to sew anything yet. I'm just sitting, reading the instruction manual. It's so exciting that I have to keep going to clean the kitchen just to calm down slightly. Really.

Of course, this might all change when I do start sewing; I reserve the right to curse, swear and b!tch about it to my heart's content. For now? Officially In Love. Mmmmmmm....


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