Friday, September 17, 2004

**This** is the weekend

As in now, Friday. The end of the week. That (for the less observant) would make Saturday the *start* of the week. And Saturday and Sunday together the weekstart. Which just sounds silly.

However, in pop-psychology mode, I've decided that this is important. When you get to the end of something, especially something long and tiring, you (one) typically collapses in a feeble heap, going "blargh". But when one starts something, one launches into it with freshness, energy and enthusiasm. I've wasted too many weekends thinking of them as 'recovery time' from the preceeding week, instead of 'active time' prior to the upcoming work week. Wordgame bullshit maybe, but the difficulty of incorporating this into my thinking suggests it is a pretty fundamental part of my outlook on life.

In other news, the dive kit got tested on Wednesday, because we're going on holiday! This makes things significantly less stressful as far as the holiday is concerned, because I know that (A) I can find everything, and (B) it works. I have also (C) identified the things I forgot to pack for the test (namely my dive computer), so hopefully will remember it for the holiday. It's important.

I also discovered that it's much more comfy having 4 kg of lead in front of you when diving (as opposed to behind you), that my console (compass/air gauge) and associated hose are supposed to go *under* my arm, where I won't be accidentally grabbing them every time I try and grab the inflator (DOH!! I really haven't been diving enough...), and that dead spiders don't make the best dive wildlife...

I'm pretty much booking the next two days for actually doing my stuff. I intend to do a lot of sewing (commission stuff, for dancing), hopefully attend a ballet class (really!) and generally chill. I also hope to get loads of stuff organised for my eBay ventures.


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