Thursday, May 27, 2004

More fabric wibbling

Still unsure of fabrics. The large quantity of curtain fabric arrived this morning - so at least it's here. It does look rather better in quantity, I must admit. I'm now thinking I might just forge ahead with this one. I'm sure the sewing of it would at least be *easier*. And if all else fails, I can make the other one, even if I promptly sell it again! Read on for pictures of the fabrics...

OK, here we have a close up of the original curtain fabric to show the colour, a motif, and give an idea of the sheen it does have:

This is the originally intended fabric with the stomacher (RS) and petticoat fabric:

And this is the alternative fabric with the others:

And finally, the stomacher fabric(wrong side on the left, right side on the, errm, right...):

I'm actually tending towards using the wrong side for the stomacher; it's much clearer!

Hmmm. J agrees with me that the alternate just looks nicer. But I also *quite* like the original. Arrgh!! But in a less angsty way than yesterday. ;)


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