Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Still no linen...

This is getting annoying... }:( They tried to deliver the linen yesterday, but J was in London, so they've taken it away again. It will now not be delivered until tomorrow. Bah. This project is getting seriously tight on time now. I just hope the main fabric arrives soon enough... This weekend, I will have to make sure that the shift and corset get finished, and the petticoat, jupe and stomacher. Wow. In addition, I need to drape the dress itself - which should give me the dress lining, effectively. Then *all* I'll have to do is cut out the dress, sew it and attach it to its lining. With any bits of anti-wrinkle boning that are required, plus any interlining needed to stop the boning showing through... Piece o' cake


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