Wednesday, July 14, 2004

...she'll be OK

Well, the little monster made it through the anaesthetic OK, but has been sore and grumpy for the last 36 hours or so. She had a bit of a rough time at the vet's - a chinchilla's mouth is *tiny*, and they use a dremel-type instrument to grind down (rather than clip) overgrown teeth. Since her molars needed work as well as those very obvious incisors she has at the front, it was a very tricky operation. Unsurprisingly, they caught the inside of her mouth with the tool somewhat, so she bled a fair bit, and they had to hold her poor little tongue out of the way with forceps, so it's bruised! So, a fair amount of trauma all round.

She refused to eat anything yesterday, though she ate fairly well on Monday night. I reckon the painkillers must have worn off. This morning, though, she ate a fair amount of 'recovery mush' and a lot of banana. J is under strict instructions to feed her whatever she wants (except cigarettes!) during the day, so she's on the way to recovery. Yayy!! And ain't she cute?? We love her. That's an old photo, by the way - she's looking rather skinnier right now.

She's on 'preventative antibiotics', too. They taste yucky and she doesn't like taking them. Must try and remember to get some live yoghurt for her - it's tried and tested. ;)


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