Friday, September 03, 2004

Blogathon day

Two entries in one day?? Ooooooh, Matron! Or something. Anyone weirdly interested in how well I've been doing since I joined the gym that Jack goes to, the results of my first re-assessment (and comparison with my initial joining assessment), read on...

Neck measurement: exactly the same as before. Oddly.

Shoulder measurement: exactly the same as before.

Waist measurement: exactly the same as before.

Upper thigh measurement: 2cm bigger than before. Wahhhhh!!.

Hip measurement: 2cm less than before. Yay me.

Weird girly pressups acheived: last time: 5, this time: 27. Wooo-hooooo!!! This makes my upper body strength 'above average', though as soon as I hit 30, it'll be 'high'. Hmmm.

Crunches in one minute: last time: 34, this time: 37. (Whaddaya mean "fast crunches"? You makey no sense!)

Seated stretch reach: last time: 20, this time: 27. Apparently, that makes me 'excellent'. I think it might have something to do with me being 'tall'.

HR post-cardio recovery: last time: 100, this time: 96. Cool.

Body fat weight: last time: 23.3 kg, this time: 22.1 kg. Not bad. Gives body fat percentage of 29.5% (healthy range for women is 18 - 25% so stop telling me I don't need to be watching what I eat! I'm not going anorexic, dammit.) In fact, it backs up very neatly my goal of losing about a stone. Thanks. ;)

So, overall, I've lost *some* fat, gained some lean weight, and gained a lot of strength in the muscle I already had. In addition to which, my cardio fitness has increased measurably. Not bad. Goals for next three months: get down to 70kg, and work on those inner thighs and upper arms. Thankyouverymuch.

And speaking of diets, it appears that if I eat nothing further this afternoon, I will have a 'budget' of 495 calories for this evening at Brown's. That's about 1 Brandy Alexander, I think.


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