Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Two bike rides in one week!

Last Sunday I went on a 2 hour (roughly 20 mile) bike ride. Ooooh!!! What makes it all the more impressive is that it was the second one that week! I shall be fit again, I shall.

The first bike ride, performed on Bank Holiday Monday, was actually the same route (nearly) as the second, and I did it with Heather (it was planned by Jack - thanks mate!). Here's to many more bike rides!

During the bike ride, I stopped to pick elderberries, with a vague idea of making some wine (because I'm a hippy like that). Did you know that earwigs really, really like elderberries? And that they can remain 100% hidden in a bunch of berries right up until that bunch hits the box of already picked berries, and then about 20 of them will scurry out into all the berries you've already picked? Bleeee. Still, I prevailed. Alison: 1 arthropods: 0.


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