Friday, April 08, 2005

Gloomy, gloomy

Someone kindly donated a bunch of mugs to the kitchen at work recently. We mostly have mugs with the work logo on, plus a few 'personal' ones, plus the odds and ends. For some reason, the work logo ones often run out. I was therefore left choosing between the odd ones. I avoided the ones that said 'Dad', hastily passed over the 'Operation Desert Storm' one (wtf??) and was left with the Winnie The Pooh set to pick from. No way am I drinking out of anything with WTP on it, so I go for Eeyore. Ever since being little I've had a fondness for Eeyore; I had a 'rocking donkey' I named Pablo Eeyore (a trait of the young otter: can't decide between two names for a toy? Give both! Hell, why not four?).

This mug almost tipped me over the edge...

Printed inside the rim is the phrase "Gloomy gloomy" - the second word trailing off down the inside of the mug as if dissolving in the grey fog of depression. The outside of the mug has a picture of Eeyore looking characteristically glum with a selection of very Eeyore words and phrases subtly (subliminally?) written in the background. I'm sure I saw a "nobody loves me" and a "why do I bother" floating around there; I wouldn't have been overly surprised to see "don't point it at your temple, put it in your mouth" or "slice up and down, not across", either.

All day, every time I looked at my mug for a drink, I saw "gloomy gloomy". What the hell was the person who designed this mug thinking?? Who wants that first thing in the morning for their breakfast tea?? Or last thing at night for their gin and tonic, come to that.

Next time I see it, I'll photograph it for proof. I haven't seen it for a few days, though. Maybe someone smashed it and ate the shards in sheer desperation???


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