Tuesday, May 03, 2005

...with thanks to Anonymous

Who kindly pointed out that I'd clearly become so overcome with excitement at my New Car that I'd simply become speechless. Well, no. Very busy, actually. I was on a training course Wednesday to Friday last week, and J's parents came to visit on Friday, staying till Monday. Accompanied by Holly, a most adorable Border Terrier who was very well behaved indeed, considering the temptation put in her path by two chinchillas... I've never seen a dog literally vibrating from nose to tail with excitement before. It has been a good month for getting things. The new car has arrived and has been driven places. I am feeling very proud of myself, and almost getting comfortable with it. I still dread having to reverse into parking spaces though. The new sewing machine continues to be gorgeous, though I don't think I'm completely au fait with it yet. Hardly surprising... And I have a new camera! I've been wanting a compact so I can just snap things that interest or inspire me, anytime, anywhere. So J bought me one for my birthday! Thanks hunn!! :)


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