Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Tomorrow is as tomorrow does!

OK, I might have a slightly different version of 'tomorrow' to most folks! I think the difficulty here is that my camera works seamlessly with my home laptop (both being Sony), but I usually have a few spare minutes for blogging when I'm at work. And I'm currently fixated on posting photos.

Amber is racing along (for me) - the front only has one side of the neck to go, and then it's onto the seaming! (Amber is sleeveless - so no Sleeve Island for me!)

After that, I'm honour bound to start on the wonderful J's wonderful sweater. I have a few calculations to run on this before I get going, for which I should really swatch. He wants Waves from the All Seasons Cotton collection, but in Summer Tweed (shade 507, Rush). The boy has good taste! I don't think there will be issues with gauge, but I do need to work out how much of the darn stuff to buy. This will be a costly (but beautiful) beast when done.

And 'when done' is a scary thought. It's taking me a few weeks to put together a slim-fitting, skimpy sleeveless V-neck for myself in this yarn. J wants sleeves, a baggier fit, and sleeves. And is taller than me. Did I mention the sleeves???

Good job I've got a long weekend coming up. Yay knitting time!


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