Monday, June 05, 2006

Bobbins! ...again

The second installment of my Twist Fibre Craft order arrived whilst I was at work today; an Ashford double drive bobbin! As the astute will know, I don't have an Ashford wheel yet. Ahem. The idea behind this was to see if Ashford bobbins could work on my wheel. Well, they can, but several steps are necessary: 1) Unpack (with help) 2) Remove excess material 3) Reassemble flyer unit (with ...suitable... packing if necessary)
yes, that's a small roll of sellotape...
4) ...and go!! It would appear that Ashford bobbins are shorter than mine, and that the Ashford wheels have a narrower flyer shaft. As luck would have it, Ashford bobbins are made with a wider bore, stopped down at the end with plastic plugs (which are presumably wonderfully low traction for reduced resistance to spin), and if I pull those plugs out, it's spot on for my wheel. Conclusions from my little experiment? 1) I can buy and use Ashford bobbins for my wheel, if I need more bobbins 2) An Ashford Lazy Kate probably won't do me any good for my current wheel; it's likely too short 3) When If I get an Ashford, I won't be able to maintain a 'shared pool' of bobbins between the two wheels, unless I also get a 'pool' of end plugs that are easier to pop in and out. The ones that came in the bobbin were a very snug fit, and have ...deformed rather on just one outwards journey. UPDATE: Spinning now available without sellotape! The mini-roll of sellotape is not required, you just can't use all the hooks on the flyer arms. It's much quieter that way...


Anonymous Lisa said...

Very exciting news on the bobbin front. Good work! I have to say, when I saw your Wave tool, I shouted out "Wave!". My husband and I love Leatherman tools, I even put my wheel together with a mini-Leatherman. Aren't they the most handy tool around? DH carries one on his belt and I have one in my purse right now!

6/08/2006 12:38:00 PM  

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