Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stash IN

Yes, yes, I know, but this comes under rule 2c. I knew I was going to need more yarn to finish Lily, and this is it.

Since the Debbie Bliss Maya in which I've knit the body is discontinued, and would probably be too chunky for the crocheted edging anyway, this was always going to be a fun match; but I think 1 strand Patons Diploma Gold in a very dark, heavy green and one strand of Cygnet Wool Rich 4 ply in a lighter, khaki-er green held together will do. The DK is thicker than the 4-ply, which sort of means they match the balance of colours in the body, and it all seems to work OK together. I was originally planning to ply the two yarns together, but I think I'll see how just holding them works; I'm thinking it will look less regular that way, which I like.

Photos later, as I'm at work now, and though I do have my camera, I'm not photographing yarn (or the completed sleeve that was brought along as colour comparison) in the workplace.

Stash damage:
      Patons diploma gold, dark green:      100 g, 240 m
Cygnet wool rich 4ply, sagey khaki: 50 g, 205 m

Oh, and Mary?? You can quit feeling guilty about using some of my green Maya; it is indeed the same yarn, but I had plenty to finish with and enough for seaming up, too. And I don't think I'd have had enough to crochet the edging in this stuff even with that smidge - even if I'd wanted to!

ETA: The picture.

Dark, but still a good colour match


Blogger Mary deB said...


1/10/2007 12:57:00 AM  
Blogger Kendra said...

The colours look like a good match from your photo. I love the Lily pattern - Debbie Bliss designs are always really great.

1/12/2007 07:42:00 PM  
Blogger The Dragon said...

In my 50 projects before buying stash - the permitted stash buying is to finish items off OR to kit up a pattern you already have (cross stitch wise this means speciality threads/beads etc) so getting a small amount of stash to finish off is more than allowable in my book!

I can't wait to see this one fully finished! (now must get on with Tom and cats!)

1/13/2007 06:15:00 PM  

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