Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 retrospective/2007 prospective

Happy New Year everyone! Looking back at last year's roundup post and skimming through the year's archive, I see that in 2006 I have:
  • finished three out of four items that were on the needles in January last year
  • fulfilled exactly one of my six January goals
  • finished 9 knitting projects (compared with 14 in 2005)
  • started spinning
  • been ill
  • travelled to Canada
  • done very little sewing
This year, I have finished:
  • The Triple Mohair Triangle
  • Ice Maiden
  • Minnie (though she still needs corrective surgery)
  • Lakes for J
  • 1 pair Jaywalkers
  • Mask
  • Asymmetric rib pullover
  • Oslo socks (plain stockinette)
  • Jude
Still on the needles from last year are:
  • lacy socks in Lorna's Laces shepherd sock, Somerset
On the needles from 2006 are:
  • 'Lily' - and the good news is that I have enough yarn to finish the main pieces!
  • 'Making Waves' socks - and I finally caved and bought replacment needles!
I took up card-making and bought and assembled a new spinning wheel. I have spun enough yarn for two sweaters, two pairs of socks and a funky hat or something. And today, I documented my stash. It is scary. Facts about my stash:
  • It weighs more than half of what I do
  • Unravelled and laid out, it would stretch 93 km.
  • About half of it is stored (very snugly and securely) in the loft
  • It's actually not as bad as I feared.
Having signed up to knit only from my stash this year, I will be keeping an eye on the progress of stash reduction. Last year, I aimed to halve my stash during 2006; I didn't come close. In fact, I think the stash probably grew in that time. This year, I am not planning a monthly schedule of projects; instead, I am going to shop in my stash whenever I get near the end of my current project and figure out what inspires me. I almost certainly won't get anywhere near halving it, but I hope it will shrink somewhat noticeably!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you have enough yarn for Lily, but am somewhat alarmed that you have 93 km of yarn! Whoa!

1/02/2007 02:22:00 AM  

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