Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm not sure this is *really* knitting...

20mm needles are the *wierdest* things to try and handle after knitting with 2.5mm DPNs for a week. The largest needles I have ever used before have been the 8mm ones used for Mask, and I found those uncomfortably large to handle. Knitting with 20mm needles requires completely different movements to 'normal' knitting, at least for me. You can't just use your hands, you have to move your whole arms. There's certainly no such thing as a small movement! But at least it grows quickly. This is one evening's work; mobile phone included for scale:
'Jude' from Rowan's 'Bigger Picture'


Blogger Mary deB said...

Biggy Print? I used 15 mms with Big Wool and found it really loose and floppy, but that looks good! Cooool.

11/16/2006 12:22:00 AM  
Anonymous victoria said...

I love that yarn! please post photos of the finished sweater because it looks so pretty!
I know what you mean about using your whole arms when you knit with the ginormous needles--i just finished a sweater with 17s. it was fast but somewhat aerobic!

11/16/2006 03:55:00 AM  
Blogger Poshyarns said...

Oh my gosh, those needles are huge! Must be a good workout for the arms at least!

11/16/2006 09:16:00 PM  
Blogger KnittyOtter said...

I have never seen such large needles! o.0

I think 6mm/US10 is the largest I've used before. I thought those were stiff and felt off. I can't even imagine using those 20mm's! *L*

Love the cell phone comparison. ;^)

11/17/2006 02:56:00 PM  

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