Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Last Big Splurge

How's this for a splurge of colour? Each of those bundles is a group of three skeins of very fine two-ply. As far as I can tell, there are no dye-lots in this yarn, and each skein is a subtly different colour. I spent my whole lunch-hour sorting these bargain £1 skeins into closely-matched groups of three one day at the end of November. The yarn is a very fine two-ply and completely unlabelled, and I think it's supposed to be used for crewelwork or some other kind of embroidery: However, this little lot is going for two trips through the spinning wheel before I do anything with it. First I'm going to tighten the existing ply, then I'm going to run those groups of three back through the wheel to produce a six-ply yarn. Because none of the yarns are quite the same colour, I should end up with some wonderful rich, heathered colours. Afterwards, I plan something stranded and stunning. I'm vaguely hoping to have enough for a sweater, having been very inspired at the time by Bohus designs. Even after futher plying, this will still be a rather fine yarn, so this will be a rather long-term project. But I'm very much looking forwards to it!


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