Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Spinning I need a few new bobbins for my wheel. I think I have a total of five currently; one is so badly warped it won't spin on the flyer, and I discovered last night that another is slightly warped; it binds a bit, and won't spin enough to allow takeup of the yarn*. Since my wheel was made by a carpenter 15 years and a couple of hundred miles away, I doubt I can get any more from him. And in any case, would I really want to? I'm not sure, but I think this problem may be getting worse over time. So, I need to find some bobbins that fit my wheel. There are several possibilities:
  1. Get really lucky and find a commercial manufacturer whose bobbins have the same length and internal diameter as my wheel would like. I can hope...
  2. Get a new flyer assembly for my wheel that takes commercially available bobbins. Ashford do a 'double drive conversion kit' for their wheels that looks like it should work.
  3. Buy a whole 'nother wheel (heh). Actually, this could work well in conjunction with (2), because I think the Ashford Traveller would be my wheel of choice. Then I could have interchangeable flyer sets for both.
  4. Find a tame woodworker who does lathe turning.

Wish me luck...


*A double drive wheel has a band twisted into a figure 8 that passes twice round the wheel, once round the flyer whorl, and once round the end of the bobbin. The flyer whorl is next to the end of the bobbin that takes the band, and is larger than the bobbin, with a V-shaped groove. The larger diameter and the groove shape means that the flyer is pulled harder than the bobbin. The idea is that the flyer is made to spin, but the tension over the bobbin is lower, so it can slip on the flyer shaft. The flyer arms therefore spin round the bobbin faster than the bobbin is spinning, so the yarn is wound on to the bobbin. Confusing? Try adjusting the tension...


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Girl just can't have too many spinning wheels....

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