Saturday, June 18, 2005

East of England show

There's something about shows that just makes me happy. I've visited the East of England show a couple of times before, and sadly this time there didn't appear to be any ratties or chinchillas. But there were sheep and cows and horses and raptors:

and impressive water features:

and frogs that make croaking noises when you run the stick across their backs (no, I didn't buy one. I thought it might jinx the knitting...).

My personal favourites, though, were the alpacas. Beautiful beasts, with amazing eyelashes:

and even more amazing fleece (available in bags). Again, I showed amazing restraint and didn't buy any. Hey, my spinning wheel's in Middlesbrough, and besides, there's at least 2 alpaca herds within cycling distance of here...

They even look cute with no fleece left:

bless 'em :)


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